Thursday, 4 August 2011

my creative space: planning

This week I'm continuing on my mission to sort out my surrounds a little better.  I've turned my attention to my handbag which if you're a mum you would know that these little babies (the handbag, not the kids) can get overloaded with all sorts of "handy-to-haves".

Mobile (or cell), purse, notebook, pens, pencils, hand sanitiser, mints, gloss, bills, comb, mirror, keys, receipts... and the list goes on.  Whenever I reach in to find what I'm looking for I can never seem to find it.  Doesn't matter what it is, it seems to disappear into a black hole.  Kinda like one of those magic bags with multiple compartments, but nowhere near as cool or functional.
So I've been crafting up a sketch for a handbag organiser which can house all those odds and ends in one handy handbag sized tote.  It will be a compact A5 size with two fasteners which attach to the front "cover"of the organiser.  Inside there will be a zippered document holder on one side and a built-in pencil case, vinyl receipt pouch and a notebook holder on the other side.  Everything I need to keep my bag more civilised.  Now to pick some cute fabrics.

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