Monday, 30 January 2012

family outing: melbourne museum

This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang which means that I was given complimentary passes to the Melbourne Museum in exchange for an unbiased review.
Yesterday I found out that I weigh as much as a freshwater crocodile. Comforting? Not so much. But fun? Indeed!  

We were lucky enough to score some free passes to attend Melbourne Museum as part of their school holiday program which included watching a performance of Tiddalik the Thirsty Frog.

I was a little concerned that Jaxon would be bored with the performance, but he giggled and participated throughout the entire 20 min performance. And my husband and I walked out of there with grins on our faces - enjoying just as much as our 6 year old. The two Aboriginal performers were engaging, funny and highly entertaining as they narrated, danced and joked their way through the family-friendly story.
watching the entertaining performance of Tiddalik
Unfortunately, Tiddalik the Thirsty Frog is only running until this Tuesday the 31st of January, so if it's something you think the kids will be interested in, I recommend scooting along to check it out before it wraps up.

After Tiddalik, it was time for a bite to eat. Being pregnant I was wary of whether the museum cafe would have some safe and friendly options for me (not being able to eat pre-prepared fruit salad, sushi, salads and deli meats). I was sure my options would be limited to one or two unsavoury menu items. But I was wrong. 

As tempting as the cake display looked, I opted for a spinach and ricotta pastry which was delicious. Jaxon was satisfied with a dinosaur kids pack which contained a vegemite and cheese sandwich, pop-top fruit juice, sultanas and caramello koala. And the husband? Well he went for a meat pie. Perfect! Lunch sorted. Onto the rest of the museum.

Where to start? There's so much to see! With my baby-brain (read: lack of common sense), I let the husband take charge and he suggested with start down one end, and make our way through all the galleries on that level before proceeding onto the next. That made sense.

penguins floating through the foyer

tiny fish surrounding a large fish
There is so much to see that you can quite easily spend half a day at the Museum exploring, eating and enjoying watching kids faces light up as they see things they've never seen before.

Jaxon spying some birdies in the Forest Gallery
I lost count of how many times Jaxon screamed "mum, dad, look at this... mum dad look at this" whilst at the museum. We would barely get to where he was and he'd be off to the next thing screaming it out again.
wouldn't you love to have a pet dino?
just like a crystal pom pom!
this crystal formation looks like it's out of a sci-fi flick
We definitely didn't get this level of excitement from him last time we visited Melbourne Museum. So it just goes to show you that you shouldn't discount it if you've been before. This time around, it was a whole new experience. Not just for him, but for mum and dad (that's us) also!
the chimney reconstructed in the rainforest following Black Saturday
stands as a symbol of the devastation bushfire can cause
up close and personal with a room full of amazing animals
you wouldn't get to see this gorgeous creature up close in real life
the boys wishing we could ride a tram like this one!
I saw so many things that I don't remember seeing last time around. It could be that I wasn't paying as much attention, or that I was paying too much attention to where Jaxon had run off to and didn't get to experience it properly last time.
colourful tapestry adorning he museum walls
enchanting illustrations in Cole's Funny Picture Book
It's definitely fair to say that we all had favourite parts in the museum.  Jaxon's was seeing all the creatures (dead or alive) up close in the Science and Life Gallery. Mine was also the animals, but I also quite enjoyed a trip down nostalgia lane with the historic installations in the Melbourne Gallery. 
goofing around in a pyramid of mirrors (Children's Gallery)
vintage advertising
more amazing tapestry
couldn't resist this 'typewriters through the ages' installation
just one more colourful tapestry
So if you haven't been to Melbourne Museum before, or haven't visited in a while, I highly recommend that you re-acquaint yourself with all that it has to offer. It really is a great day out for the whole family. And adult tickets are only $10 PLUS kids are FREE!

Now listen up my lovelies. I have one FREE Melbourne Museum adult pass to give away. And remember, kids are free so it means that you can take yourself and the kids along for zilch (parking and food not included)!  The pass is valid until 30 June 2012, so you'll have plenty of time to take advantage on a weekend or even the next school holidays.

To enter, all I need you to do is leave me a comment on this post. I will randomly select a winner this Friday the 3rd of February. You have until 8pm on Friday to leave a comment.

Thanks for all your comments. This competition is now closed!

Friday, 27 January 2012

neapolitan dreams

Neapolitan dreams granny stripe blanket
Thanks to the crochet workshop which Katie and I participated in last weekend, I now have the crochet itch.  We each received goodie bags care of Spotlight which were full of supplies to get us started such as crochet hook, knitting needles, haberdashery scissors, yarn, tape measure, wool needle and instructions. Thanks Spotlight!

My goodie bag contained a ball of pink and a ball of chunky orange yarn.  I pulled apart the granny square that I was practicing on during the workshop and thought I might attempt a granny stripe blanket instead using the pink yarn and some white and coffee coloured yarn which I'd already had in my stash. I quickly worked out the pattern for the blanket (thank goodness because I'm not really one for following instructions) and then it was all about getting the tension of the stitches right.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen me tweeting pics the other day. 

Yesterday I spent the day crocheting, watching Mad Men (I'm up to season 2), sucking on Zooper Doopers and eating a delicious BBQ meal cooked by my beloved in honour of Australia Day. I have made much more progress on the granny stripe blanket than the above image leads one to believe following yesterday's crocheting marathon.

I'm hoping that this will become a blanket for the growing bump, but as we don't know the gender yet (another 5 weeks until we find out), I am just crocheting it for the sake of crocheting. My beloved says that we can gift it if we find out we're having another boy.

Head on over to Katie's place to see a photo of me "concentrating" on getting my granny square right at last weekends' workshop and more photos from the yarn bombing installation in Melbourne's City Square.

Monday, 23 January 2012

a good old yarn

Yesterday my lovely cute-as-pie friend Katie and I headed into Melbourne's City Square to partake in some yarney goodness.  Katie booked us into one of the workshops so that we could brush up on our crochet skills.  We both fumbled our way through granny squares (with a little help from the lovely teacher Andrea) and with a little more practice and some tension adjustments I think we'll be crocheting like pro's in no time.

But before the workshop, Katie willingly obliged and allowed me to indulge in my 2-week craving of churros and a shake. I'm sure it was rather painful for her as she of course had to join me in my indulgence and listen to all of my pregnancy complaints. Thanks Katie! You're a real pal.

We also took a moment to delight in the yarn bomb installation in City Square whilst waiting for our workshop to commence. All that marvellous colour, creativity and effort to transform regular overlooked trees into crafty wonders.

If you didn't manage to get along yourself, you can still pop by City Square and take a closer look at the bombed trees until the end of Feb.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

a new life in 2012

So I've been keeping a secret. One which has had me itching to share for the past few weeks. I'm actually quite proud of myself for how long I've managed to keep my lips sealed despite wanting to burst at the seams.

I have no doubt that more than one of you reading this will already suspect that you know what I'm about to say. Or maybe you too have been itching to find out what I was rambling on about back in December. Read on.

The universe has a very sneaky way of throwing you little curve balls. Just when you think you're on track to getting things the way you've dreamed, something comes along which stops you in your tracks.  Now there are one of two ways you can choose to deal with unplanned situations.

Option 1. Kick, scream, wail, go on a rant and rave about how unfair your life is, post a very sourpuss update on Facebook about woe is me, get upset and act like you belong on an episode of tantrums and tiaras


Option 2. Embrace change, see the glass as half-full, work through the options, believe that everything happens for a reason, take it in your stride, make the most of it and appreciate the opportunity to be challenged

So after option one, I of course move swiftly onto option two. Shock and surprise can often make you think irrationally so another good one is to sleep on it.  Things are always clearer after a good sleep (and some long thinking time in the shower).

So by now you're probably thinking to yourself, has this lady lost her marbles? Is she on some new self-help regime with the commencement of a new year? For goodness sake, what is she talking about!?

It could be the hormones or my new outlook on life, but I can assure you I am not crazy. Not just yet. At least not until the Alzheimers kicks in (prediction alert).

Now that I've used up all my words, I'm just going to leave you with a visual aid.
taken 5 Jan (bump) and 11 Jan (baby)

Friday, 13 January 2012

melbourne's biggest ever yarn bombing project

via Peppermint
Oh my goodness Melbourne peeps, this looks like so much fun! Get your organisers (digital or paper variety, either's OK) out and mark these dates for a yarn good time. The Yarn Corner is Stitching up the City... Melbourne city, that is, on January 21-22!

There's a yarn installation (think granny squares and plenty of yarn-bombing all over trees), experts to talk about yarn and their yarn-ey obsessions as well as knitting and crochet workshops!

Workshops (Sunday, Jan 22)
11:00am - 11:30am Kids Learn to Knit
11:30am - 12:30pm Learn to Knit
12:30pm - 1:00pm Learn to Yarn Bomb
1:00pm - 2:00pm Learn to Crochet

If you'd like to book into any of the workshops, make sure to email quickly before spots fill fast (if they haven't already).

And lastly, if you can't make it into town that weekend, don't despair, the display will be up in the City Square until the end of February, so take your time and enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

holiday shenanigans

Since my last post back in December, I've been thoroughly enjoying some time off from the day job.  This is the last of three weeks of my annual leave and I'll be honest if I say that I'm not really looking forward to going back next week. It's always so difficult to go back to reality after such a long period of lazing and free time.

Nonetheless, bills need paying, so I will go back to work.

This week I'm reminiscing about the fun things we've been doing the past couple of weeks while the kiddo is on school holidays...  There's been:

We've had some fun together, but sadly it all ends next week. I'm back to work and the kiddo is off to school holiday program for two weeks. Until school's back the first week of Feb.

Did you enjoy a little break over the Christmas/New Year holiday? Bet you got up to some fun things?


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