Wednesday, 11 January 2012

holiday shenanigans

Since my last post back in December, I've been thoroughly enjoying some time off from the day job.  This is the last of three weeks of my annual leave and I'll be honest if I say that I'm not really looking forward to going back next week. It's always so difficult to go back to reality after such a long period of lazing and free time.

Nonetheless, bills need paying, so I will go back to work.

This week I'm reminiscing about the fun things we've been doing the past couple of weeks while the kiddo is on school holidays...  There's been:

We've had some fun together, but sadly it all ends next week. I'm back to work and the kiddo is off to school holiday program for two weeks. Until school's back the first week of Feb.

Did you enjoy a little break over the Christmas/New Year holiday? Bet you got up to some fun things?


  1. Shrinky dinks! How fun! Remember the tragedy of forgetting the hole and the whole thing was ruined!

    By the way, I made your pink lemonade for Christmas lunch. It was fantastic! I think I'll make it every year.

  2. beebeeoko I'm so glad that the pink lemonade was a hit!


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