Friday, 14 September 2012

housework made fun: make a dirndl clothespin bag

Let's face it, most of us don't enjoy housework, right.  The only time I do enjoy doing housework is when I am super duper angry.  I take my frustration on the dust-mites, fluff-balls and any unsightly mould-spots. It is therapeutic.

So why in the world would I name this post 'housework made fun' then you ask.   

Since I've turned stay-at-home-mum a couple of months ago (read maternity leave), I've been looking at ways to minimise housework time and maximise the limited precious day-time hours I have to spend with my newborn, my big kid, my husband all whilst looking after the most important person - me.  After all, a household won't function without its number one worker ant.

So I'll be bringing you a series of posts all about making housework a little more fun over the next few weeks.

Where I live in Melbourne, we've just started having the most glorious spring weather.  And with spring comes the urge to spring clean, spruce up decor and interior styling, get organised and get some fresh spring air (minus the hay fever for those of you who suffer).

In light of the beautiful weather we've been experiencing with the start of spring, my laundry has finally moved to being hung outside again (rather than inside over a heating vent).  And as we just recently moved into a new place, we have a clothes line again - something which I have missed for some years now.  So I needed a peg-bag for my new pegs.  Cue the first 'housework made fun' project: make a dirndl clothespin bag!

Who wants an ordinary clothespin bucket when you can have your very own clothespin bag fashioned to resemble a dirndl.

dirndl is a type of traditional dress worn in Germany – especially Bavaria – LiechtensteinAustria, and South Tyrol, based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants.

And because I'm time-challenged these days, rather than create something from scratch, I found a fabulous and easy tutorial online at Made with Love by Hannah's blog.  All you need are a couple of fat quarters or smaller pieces of fabric, some ribbon trim, a printer, scissors, pins and a sewing machine.

So will you be joining me in an attempt to make the mundane a little more bright and enjoyable? 

Feel free to leave links to your own 'housework made fun' projects in the comments section and if you're on twitter or instagram you can use the #houseworkmadefun tag on anything you post which is related to this project. 

Let's get inspired to make chores less painful.


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