Wednesday, 31 August 2011

free houses

No, you didn't misread the title.  I did in fact say "free" followed closely by the word "houses". No, I'm not rich and no, I'm not doing some freakin' fantastically huge blog giveaway.  Sorry, if you were under the pretence that you were in fact going to win a home. I don't even own a home. No siree. So I definitely can't be giving one away.

Instead, I thought you'd enjoy some mini house projects. Little ones. Sweet ones. Cute ones. Paper ones. Fabric ones.

There's something about a sweet miniature that is really appealing to me.  Maybe it's the fact that it's a bite-sized craft or that it's easy to clean up and store.  Not really sure, but I have been really into mini-anything lately.

Here are some really lovely mini houses which you can download, print and make at home.  A home for your home. You could even make a little town.  The kid would have awesome fun driving his cars around a mini town.
fabric covered cardboard houses via Pinterest
sweet Christmas paper houses via Pinterest
vintage style glitter house via Martha Stewart
little felt light-up houses via Poopscape
You could make some with some kids - maybe your own, or maybe with your nieces or nephews, or next-door neighbours kids.  Or hell, you could just make some on your own. I am!

If you know anyone who's giving away any homes you'll be sure to send 'em my way, won't you.

P.S. did I just mention Christmas in August? Oh dear. Shoot me now.

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