Thursday, 7 January 2010

Delicious... anytime of the day

So as I sat here drinking my first cup of tea of the day and eating banana bread for breakfast at 10:30am, I wondered to myself:

a] is it wrong that I've been up for over an hour and instead of settling my tumbling tummy with some food I instead chose to catch up on reading the blogs I subscribe to?

b] is it bad that I just ate banana bread for breakfast?

Well the answer is no and no.  

Firstly, a girl needs her crafty inspiration for the day and I certainly get that at all the fabulous blogs I read.  There are so many freakin' talented people out there with so much to offer, how could I not be interested?

Secondly, anything that comes from the Martha Stewart stable, you know has to be good.  And that banana bread I mentioned was baked compliments of the Martha Stewart site.  I have to tell you, this was the BEST banana bread I've ever made.  My husband and I have been eating it at all hours of the day since I baked it yesterday.

Check out the recipe for banana bread here... you won't be disappointed!

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