Wednesday, 13 July 2011

second life: fabric scraps

If you're an avid sewer like myself, you're probably all too familiar with the piles, boxes and bags of fabric scraps that are just "too good to throw out, because you never know when you're going to need the very last 2cm x 5cm scrap of vintage floral fabric".

If this sounds familiar, then read on my friends.  This post is a quick wrap up of some of the best ways to use up those beloved scraps of fabric.  No more hoarding, no more procrastinating, make some room in your craft space and "second-life" your scraps for a worthy outcome which will see your precious scraps being brought out in all their beauty.
framed fabric hoops
scrappy lamp shade
scrap map... too cool!
party garland or bunting
appliqué cushion
kids craft idea: fabric collage
Maybe you have some awesome projects to add to this list?  Feel free to leave a comment with a link for us to check out.  More second life projects here

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  1. Some great ideas here! I particularly love the bunting. I'm on a bit of a scrap bender myself. I can send you the link because I'm on my phone but you can check them out at my blog they are all this month. There's a cushion, some dolls quilts & my daughter has been glueing. Next stop for us some mode podge canvases. Xx


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