Thursday, 14 July 2011

my creative space: organisation

Having moved 2 months ago, I'm slightly embarrassed to say that we're still not completely organised in our new space.  The only space left to be organised, and quite possibly the most important space for me personally, is my sewing and crafting area.

"Shame on you" you say?  Yes well, good point. But it's a little tricky to organise a space when you have no actual space in which to carry out the organising.  It seems that in the move from one rental property to another I have in fact lost my craft room. Gasp, I know.  But it's all for a good cause.  One which includes a retail space attached to our dwelling.

So for the time being my craft space is in what will eventually be the shop.  Currently it's filled with various bits of furniture and shop fixtures, unpacked boxes from my old craft room, stacks of fabric, my sewing table which is even more embarrassingly piled high with all sorts of paraphernalia, pom-poms, half-finished bunting and goodness knows what else.

So my creative space this week is all about getting somewhat organised so that I can continue sewing for the time being. At least until the shop interior starts screaming for a clear-out.
I've started my organisational mission with my cigar boxes.  I've had a stack of them which I've been using for storing smaller type things such as business cards, felt scraps and my hot glue gun.  But I constantly faced the problem of never knowing what each one had in it until I opened it.
I found these free vintage pharmacy labels through the graphics fairy, downloaded the file, set it up as a repeating label in a word document and then typed text over the top of each label before printing, cutting out and attaching to the front of each cigar box with some paper gum.

I think they've come up well and they've certainly given me the inspiration to steam ahead with more organisational solutions.

Many more creative spaces over there.

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  1. They look very authentic! And dont be embarrassed about not being organized after 2 months, we just ticked off the 2 year anniversary and I still don't have everything how and where I want it!


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