Monday, 25 July 2011

just reality

The cold hard reality is that some days life can just get you down.  

It might be the winter blues.
You might have too much on your plate.
It could be your shitty job. 
Or lack thereof.
The kids might be extra whiny.
You might be stressing over financial troubles.
Maybe it's been too long between holidays.
Or maybe you're stewing over how much better everyone else's lives seem to be.  At least through the window of others blogs.

I think that anyone who hasn't been down due to one of the above reasons is only kidding themselves or is very heavily medicated.  No offence intended if it's the latter. 

Inspired by a recent post I read by a lovely lady who I know only through Twitter and blogging, I have decided to post a photo this Friday showing an aspect of the very unglamorous and very real me.  And I encourage you to join me this Friday and do the same.

It could be a photo of your messy living room, dishes piling up in the sink, you in your trackies (velour walking suit) or if you're game like me - an unedited photo of you without make-up and bed-head.  Let it all hang out!

For just one day pluck-up the courage to feel completely liberated from your air-brushed life and let others see that you are in fact human and not a perfect specimen who moonlights as wonder woman.

Post a photo on your blog, Facebook or Twitter account showing an aspect of your real life and add your link back here so that others can check you out in full glory.  Loud and proud. No editing. No styling. No bullshit. Just reality.

So, the real question is... ARE YOU GAME?

Your post might just make someone feel a little more human and make their day

Feel free to leave a comment here or post about your commitment to this before D-day (this Friday) so that it's harder for you to back out.  And if you're Tweeting about it on Friday use the #justreality hashtag in your Tweet.

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