Thursday, 21 July 2011

my creative space: till death do us part

I've been working away (very slowly) on this piece of embroidery for the past few weeks.  When I get into it, I actually get a bit done, but it's the motivation to pick up the hoop, floss and needle and continue on with it each night that I seem to be lacking.

My husband imposed a technology ban on me the other night which meant that I wasn't allowed to use my phone (which he hid from me) or the laptop.  So I sat in my comfy armchair with feet in warm bath salts (care of my thoughtful man-friend) and embroidered whilst watching a movie.  I have to say, I definitely needed a night away from Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Flickr.  Thank you darling husband.  You really are the best.
So when this work in progress is done, it will be a cushion (which I upcycled from a thrifted tablecloth) with De Los Muertos embroidery.

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