Thursday, 7 July 2011

my creative space: superheroes and denim

Having a rapidly growing boy in our household, we go through clothes really quickly.  We usually either pass the clothes onto our friends who have a son who's a year younger or we donate to our local Op Shop.  But recently, there has been an increasing number of wardrobe pieces from the kids' "too small" repertoire which I just didn't want to part with.  

Things such as his fave pair of pants, a shirt from Poland with a picture of orzel, his fuzzy bear bathrobe, a vintage Flinstones t-shirt - so many memories and nostalgia.  How could I possibly get rid of these little snippets of him growing up?  I got some inspiration from Cam a while ago and decided to cut the clothes into squares with my rotary cutter.
My son loved the first quilt that I ever made so much that he's been bugging me to make one for him.  So that is exactly what I'm doing.  When I explained to him why I was cutting up his old clothes, he was super excited.

I've had to hide the so-far-cut squares from him to stop him from asking me when it would be finished.  We've been teaching him about patience lately. It's not going well.

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