Monday, 11 July 2011

dreaming of a camper getaway

Winter has given me the blues and I think I’m overdue for a getaway, so I’ve been looking at lots of pictures of campervans online, day-dreaming of a family camping adventure.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any retro campervans for hire (or “rentals” for those of you reading this in the US) which are as lovely as these...

Only the standard plaid-covered-seat-wood-grain-laminate-interior-box-shaped-body-ones seem to be available.  I am determined to find one with a little character and charm.  One which would make a road trip with two boys (one grown and one not) stuck in close proximity a little more bearable!  I’m thinking that if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’m going to start stock-piling a heap of stuff to take with us to make the interior more eye-candy-esque.  Things such as some pretty crochet blankets, colourful bunting, delicious melamine, upcycled tea towel cushions and floral curtains.
I think I need to get a copy of this book for some more inspiration.  Oh, and if you send an email to these folks with the word "diddy" in the subject line, they'll email you a printable 'Make your own diddy' model campervan.  I can dream in mini-scale for the time being with this model.
So if you know anyone in Melbourne or Victoria who would like to rent out their pretty camper to our family of three, drop me a line.  We promise to look after it as though it were our own.  Thank you gifts will be supplied in return.

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