Monday, 30 August 2010

spring in my step

I'm excited to say that spring is popping up all around my yard. And I took photographic evidence over the weekend.  I'm really lucky to have my favourite flowers - cherry blossoms - growing in my front and back yard.  Sadly they don't seem to get a whole lot of sunlight, so they have been late bloomers in my hood.

I'm sure my neighbour thought I was a little strange when I stood out in my front yard with my long-lensed-digital SLR taking macro shots of my cherry blossoms.  Oh well.  There is only so much time to capture cherry blossoms.  Maybe that's why I love them so much.  They are beautiful but very illusive.

I've been preparing for the next market which is on this Saturday in Daylesford. Unfortunately I'll be missing out on the two screenings of Making it Handmade on in Melbourne.  Again.  It was on at MIFF and of course it sold out rather quickly.  All you crafty folk were super quick to snap up tickets.

But Saturday at the market will be great.  It's my last market before we head off to Europe for 3 weeks holiday and my 30th.  Ooh, I'm rather excited. Oui.

I have been making lots of softie goodies which will be on offer at Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday. And I've got some new goodies which I've been working on thanks to the help of my beloved.  Like this adorable hand-sized bandit bunny rattle.

So, take advantage of the first weekend of spring and do something nice this weekend.  And don't forget your dad's on Sunday!

P.S. did you know that we're on Facebook and Twitter now.  So if you like, you can join us there too.

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