Monday, 23 August 2010

trash & treasure: camberwell markets and local salvos

Did you have a lovely weekend?  I did.  I went to Camberwell Markets on Sunday.  It was a glorious sunshiny day which was welcomed by all Melbournians with open arms. The people of Melbourne swarmed to the flea market more so than usual.

I picked myself up some bargains.  Yes sirree I did. I love a good Golden Book.  These ones cost a little more than I usually spend on Golden Books, but they were worth it.  I haven't seen most of them before.  $20 for 6 books.

he does look busy, doesn't he?

I wonder if this is a nice way to broach the subject of adoption?
how could I pass up an angry-looking Little Red?
I swear that "dolly" just moved... are you sure that's a dolly?
where can I get a child such as these ones?  I'm not greedy. I only need one. Someone else can keep the other one. But I want the girl.
well, we all gotta start somewhere.  Lookin' is a good place to start.
Then I spotted this crate.  I almost kept walking, but I convinced myself to stop for a lookie.  When the lady told me all she wanted was $1 for the crate, how could I say no? I shall clean her up and use her to display some softies at the next market.

And then today I popped out to the post office on my lunch break and walked passed the local Salvo's store.  How could I resist? I popped in quickly and walked out just as quick with this beauty for only 99c!

I can't believe I found this little gem.  It's a panel of sheer fabric with a pair of ducks and some gorgeous flowers hand embroidered.  It is DIVINE.  I think I'm going to turn it into a cushion.  What do you think?

Did you find yourself some bargains on the weekend?

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