Monday, 9 August 2010

the weekend


The weekend was great.  How was yours?
I spent solid 12 hours on Saturday sewing like a crazy person and putting lots of finishing touches on stock and merchandise for our stall at Craft Hatch markets which were held in Melbourne's Federation Square on Sunday.  And I don't think I could have gotten through it without my beloved.  He fed me, stuffed softies and just generally rode me to make sure I stayed on top of all the little jobs that needed to be completed.  I'm a lucky gal.

Market day came around and there was lots of tea, giggles, people watching, eating and (luckily) sales!  I'm so thankful that I had the help of my very lovely and super kind friend Katie.  She proved invaluable not only in the lead up to market day (she cut lots of arms and legs out of fabric for sofites) but also on the day - toilet breaks are fantastic when you don't have to sprint there and back!  She was a pro at selling and engaging in chit-chat with customers... something I'm not really all that good at.

We met so many lovely stallholders.  And it made me realise that gee I'm lucky to be part of such a fabulous craft community that resides within Melbourne.

There were so many gorgeous wares being showcased and snapped up on the day.  Here are just a few of my faves...

Morgan Wills - Mumma & Baby Bushka
This lady is a craft powerhouse.  She had completed a 3 day stint at Magnolia Square market which finished on Saturday, then she had Craft Hatch on Sunday and was off to bump-in for a trade show on Monday which runs until Friday.  My goodness.  I was exhausted just thinking about it!

If you haven't already stumbled across her gorgeous Mumma & Baby Bushka dolls then you simply MUST jump on over to her online shop.

coats for your little madam
Do you have a little madam of your own at home?  Well then you're going to adore these stylish 50's inspired coats which Fiona makes for deserving little precious ones.

Odds & Ends - potted cactus
I wish I could crochet like this amazing lady.  Have you ever seen anything so devine?  Her little pots of cactus are so adorable.  I bought one for Katie as a little gift.  Too cute.  Odds & Ends also does a range of handmade pieces created from found, recycled, vintage & interesting objects.

Handmade Romance - Bow Tie Boys
These little gentlemen softies would make the most perfect partners for my dolly softies.  I think there could be this whole little speed dating scenario where my dolly softies could meet up with Handmade Romance's Bow Tie Boys and they could all choose their suitors at the end of the night.  What a great visual.  Softie Speed Dating!

Thanks to Craft Victoria for putting on such a great market!  Make sure you check out their program of crafty goodness on over the next few weeks called Craft Cubed.

So, how was your weekend?  Did you make anything?

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