Monday, 5 August 2013

5 ways to use felt pom poms

pom-pom (also spelled pom-ponpompom or pompon) is a loose, fluffy, decorative ball or tuft of fibrous material. Pom-poms may come in many colors, sizes, and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including woolcottonpaperplastic, and occasionally feathers
source: wikipedia

But you knew that already, right!?

If your house is anything like mine, then you'll have more bags of lollypop sticks, wooden clothes pegs, glitter, tissue paper and felt pom poms than you know what to do with. You might have supplies left over from a creative project, or you may have purchased them with the intention of making something with them but instead they've just sat unused taunting you all this time.

I'm slowly making my way through my craft supplies and coming up with new ways to use them. Today, I've come up with 5 colourful ways to use up your felt pom poms.

Pull out your sewing thread and needle and stitch the pom poms together to create a garland. Leave spaces between each pom pom and it will make the job quicker, otherwise you're likely to be stitching them together for hours.

Get out the hot glue gun, a brooch back and a small MDF circle. Select a few pom poms and when you're happy with the arrangement, glue them onto the MDF circle then glue the circle onto the brooch back. Wearable pom poms in an instant!

3. B is for BEDAZZLE
Use craft glue to attach an assortment of pom poms onto a pre-cut letter made from acrylic or wood for a fun piece of room decor. Or why not bedazzle any surface you want like this!

Pull out those plain hair clips and hot glue some pom poms onto them for a really sweet hair accessory. Or go a step further and glue them onto a head band.

Show pom pom pride and string an assortment of colours and sizes onto bakers twine (using a needle) then tie a tight knot. If this is not really something you're game to wear, then gift it to a girl. She will think she's won the pom pom lotto!


  1. Cute ideas! I especially like your bedazzled B :)

  2. Pom Poms cab be used in so many ways, its great to know it. I am very much glad to stumble upon this post, i think it can be a great DIY project for kids.


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