Thursday, 25 July 2013

make a paper garland using cupcake wrappers, straws and tissue paper

There's nothing wrong with store-bought paper garlands, but I'm all about custom, unique and one of a kind. I also think that being known for being creative amongst my group of friends, there's a level of expectation that I will make most things from scratch myself.

So when I was planning the decorations for my daughter's recent first birthday party, I started making tissue paper flowers. I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with them, but I knew that they would have a place within the overall confetti theme.

But it wasn't until I found some jumbo length straws in a two dollar shop that I got an idea. An idea for a fantastic straw and paper garland.  Here's how to make a paper garland in 5 simple (colourful) steps...

  1. make a bunch of tissue paper flowers in different colours
  2. cut up straws in varying lengths
  3. gather some bakers twine or string
  4. collect cupcake cases in different colours
  5. now string them all together varying straws, paper flowers and cupcake cases as you go


  1. That's really a great idea. The things used are just are reusable and seems too pretty.


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