Wednesday, 29 June 2011

second life: cardboard

Welcome to a new weekly column called "second life" where I'll be bringing you inspirational and interesting projects from the interwebs which re-use materials otherwise destined for the bin.

This week we're looking at how to re-use or re-purpose cardboard.  Think packing boxes, cereal boxes, shoes boxes etc. 

Did you know: So prevalent is the cardboard box's reputation as a plaything that in 2005 a cardboard box was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame in the US, one of very few non-brand-specific toys to be honoured with inclusion.

cardboard bedroom furniture
cardboard party decorations
cardboard fortress or castle
cardboard suitcases (for the kiddies)
cardboard lemonade stand
mini notebooks from cereal boxes
There's also a site which shares how to work with cardboard and there's a book too called The Cardboard Box Book.  There are some very clever and resourceful people out there!

If you have any ideas of your own on how to re-use cardboard boxes or if you would like me to research a specific material for the next "second life" post, please leave me a comment.

I hope that this post has inspired you to upcycle your unwanted cardboard boxes into something useful - rather than buying what you need, why not make it!

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