Friday, 24 June 2011

my creative space: you're such a hottie

This week I started and finished my hottie cover for the Hottie Challenge as part of a group entry organised by the lovely Cam aka CurlyPops.

I had so much fun repurposing an old dress that I no longer wore, some fleece and red felt to make my hottie cover functional, cosy and slightly humorous.

It's for a worthy cause... you can read all about it here.  Open Drawer will be auctioning all the hottie covers off to raise funds for the Margaret Pratt Foundation.  If you're a local, you should pop by for the auction on Friday 1st July.

For many more lovely pics of other hottie covers you can go here

And for more creative spaces you can look here

1 comment:

  1. Gather round people: this is a fine specimen of the multitasker, found mostly in the female population of the human race. She is a mother, wife, friend and daughter, undertakes paid employment, moves houses (and mountains), creates adorable things for cuddling and still has time to post about them all - truly an amazing feat!

    You put the 'hot' in 'hottie'! Xx


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