Tuesday, 28 June 2011

handmade in the media

Martha's been doing it for some time now.  She has books, magazines, a TV show and even ipad apps.  Let's be real, Martha Stewart is a brand.  But the handmade scene has been craving new media content for some time now. And thankfully there are some peeps out there who have been listening and addressing this lack of crafty media!

Making It Handmade
Anna Brownfield released a documentary called Making It Handmade in 2010 and although it's available on DVD (after screening limited sessions in select cinemas), it will be screening on Australian channel ABC 2 on Thursday 21st of August at 9:33pm.  I'm personally excited to see it as I couldn't make it to any of the screenings last year due to market commitments. 

The synopsis for Making it Handmade goes a little like this: 
So you think craft is for Nannas? Well think again. Come and explore the subculture of indie craft in Melbourne through four women who are subverting domestic craft techniques drawing from punk culture, politics, feminism and modern aesthetics.

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Made by Hand
On Australian Channel 31 starting this Wednesday 29 June at 8:30pm, is a 9 episode series following the handmade scene in Melbourne. The very first episode features some footage from the Brunswick chapter of Brown Owls - a crafty group who meets regularly. If you miss any episodes, it will be available for viewing on their website.

Mollie Makes
Yes, there are some crafty type magazines available, however none which seem to compare to Mollie Makes, a new magazine published in the UK.  With the majority of distribution in the UK, it is slowly expanding into USA and Australia.  So if you haven't seen it, speak to your local newsagent and get them to order you a copy.  I understand it's worth the read.  You can preview it here.

P.S. Anna Brownfield who made the Making it Handmade movie is tossing around the idea of making a follow up movie.  She's done a call out for any men who are crafty:
I have been throwing around the idea of making a follow up film to "Making it Handmade" about men who craft. So I'm looking for men who make stuff, either traditional men crafts like shed craft and those who also might knit, sew, etc. If you know anyone please point them in my direction.

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