Monday, 28 March 2011

two days flick by

spotted this under Queens Bridge whilst walking to
the tram... Nemo washed up in Melbourne city!
the divine Drawn From Fashion exhibit... the artwork
on the left is by the very talented Pilgrim of Draw! Pilgrim
a snippet of the delights at Finders Keepers Melbourne Market
the beauty of paper pyramids hanging above the
market by the Paper Convention Collective
Fish Taco... you have to try one from the Taco Truck
hung out with the kid at our local park
watching the Toxic Avengers at the Roller Derby... smash!

picking the sunflowers in our back yard and eating
the fresh seeds... yum. I use to do this as a kid
Just a glimpse of what I got up to over the weekend with this little lady... did you go to Finders Keepers?  If so, what did you buy?  What was your favourite stall?

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