Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tuesday's Temptations: Down To The Woods

It's been a while since I brought you an instalment of Tuesday's Temptations, but I haven't heard anyone complain so I'm not sure if you've missed it.  Do leave me a comment to let me know if you enjoy reading about new shops every Tuesday.  If I get a positive response, I'll keep bringing you highlights of awesome online stores... but no point pestering you all with things you're not interested in.

Now that I've gotten my little rant over and done with, I would like to move onto today's instalment of Tuesday's Temptations...

I was a the Magnolia Square market at St Kilda Town Hall a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a very delightful stall and it's equally delightful stall-holder Amber.  Down to the Woods is the name and whimsy is the game.  My eye was first caught by their range of paper paraphernalia which includes interactive cards and vintage-inspired children's' books.

Such as this one; Say hello to the sweetest Red Riding Book ever...
On the surface it looks like a fairly normal book.  Sure, the book has been cut to follow the outline of red riding hoods face, but other than that it looks like a standard book... until you open the first page.
You quite literally peel away the layers of red riding hoods face with each page you turn. In this one the bonnet forms the first page of the book. Clever.
And in this one, Red Riding Hood loses her eye as the page is turned.  The illustrations are really enchanting and the book is actually a reproduction of an original book - year unknown.

Down to the Woods also create these great freckle rugs made from felted balls. Not only are they colourful and extremely tactile, they are made from a natural material - pure wool.  Great for kids rooms or to use as a designated play area for your kidlets.
image via Down to the Woods
And then there's also their range of lamps... they are created with kids in mind, but heck, I would be happy to have one of these in my living room. Very happy.

Lamps via Down to the Woods
There are many gorgeous shops popping up all over the place (on and offline), but Down to the Woods is by far one of the sweetest shops around with a unique offering of gifts and accessories for kids and their rooms.

Or if you're a big kid like me, you'll be coveting some of their delights for yourself.

Don't forget to leave me a comment if you would like me to continue on with Tuesday's Temptations.  Otherwise we will bid farewell to the series.

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