Sunday, 13 March 2011

a week's worth of cute shopping finds

It's been a busy week this past week with my husband being sick with pharyngitis, my son having a cold and my workplace being really crazy in the lead-up to a trade show.  So I haven't gotten around to blogging. I've been physically exhausted.  And right this moment I'm laying on the couch with my laptop in my lap, so exhausted and potentially coming down with a case of pharyngitis myself.

But somehow amongst all the busy, I've managed to find time to do some fun shopping.  It was pay week last week and because I get paid monthly (honestly, who does that!?) I went a little crazy buying some cute things.  Here's my week in photos...
Bought some rather cute lunch containers from Daiso

can you believe these containers are only $2.80?
my son picked this one for himself
"I wish it is a good day today"
a cute Japanese sticker book for my son, also from Daiso
and also only $2.80
while at the register at Daiso, they had cans of drink...
How could I resist the cuteness? 2 for $2.80. This one
was a clear apple juice. yum.
so happy to find out that IKEA now sells linen in their
fabric department. I love IKEA fabric.
I found some cute books at my local Salvo's store.
some of the sweet illustrations from
Tiptoes the  Mischievous Kitten from 1949
another one from Tiptoes
and one of the pages from Miss Petticoat, Time for Play
from 1982. Sweet.
and this little cutie, I actually won from this lovely lady
who ran a giveaway on her blog. I purchased lots of
coloured felt from Spotlight yesterday and I'm in the process of
making my first Japanese felt animal. I will of course be sharing
pics when it's complete.
whilst buying felt, I stumbled upon this delightful 'home'
tea infuser at Spotlight.
My heart has been crying for the people of Japan these past 2 days and I can only send my thoughts and condolences to the nation of Japan for a speedy recovery.  I fear for what is happening to our world at the moment and hope things don't get any worse.

Stay safe my lovelies.

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