Saturday, 27 February 2010

total and complete freak out on the cards

I've totally and completely over-committed myself.  I might possibly be going into melt down before the end of the weekend.
I'm doing my first market in one week. I don't have quite enough stock.

I have a tonne of things to finish off including business cards and product tags.
I have to finish screen-printing tea towels for a swap due out next week (sneak peek of a trial screen-printing session)

I have to finish (or rather start) an item for an international "boys only" swap.  I've made one already (a cute bunny rattle), I just have to make another for this little lucky baby's big brother.

I have a rather demanding-four-year-old who is at home when I'm not working. Read: When I'm at home, so is he; When he's at Kinder, I'm at work.

I'm screwed. (sorry, I don't have a photo for this one... yet).

My temporary relief?  This little tub of schoko... mmm, deliciously thick hot chocolate.  Meanwhile, I should be doing all of those things instead of posting on my blog.  But, I am a procrastinator.

Wish me freakin' luck over the next week.  I can see many a sleepless-night on the horizon.

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