Saturday, 20 February 2010

looky what I made last night...

Like I'm sure many of you have experienced before I got the urge to craft last night and I remembered the tute I saw for a super easy messenger bag.  

Mind you this was at about 9:30pm last night, so I really should have been thinking about getting myself settled in for the night with mindless tv garbage instead of tackling a sewing project.  So I thought to myself, I'll just cut all the fabric pieces I need for the project, press them and get them ready for the morning.

Unfortunately, once I got started, I couldn't help myself.  I finished the bag at 1:30am this morning.  And then I proudly wore it out shopping today.  Even got a comment on how cute my bag was from a shop assistant.  "Thanks" I said.  "Whipped it up last night".

I impressed myself because I've never been great at following instructional type things.  I always manage to mess up one of the steps and it results in disaster.  That's usually why I don't bother with measuring, templates or patterns.  I like to freehand.  But I loved this bag so much that I really wanted to give it a go.  High fives for me.  I guess there's hope for me just yet in the "following-of-instructions" department!

Wanna make one for yourself?  Here's the tute.  And here's some more piccies.

I like it because it looks simple, funky and understated on the outside...
a pocket on the back to carry important things like the latest issue of Mix Tape
but then you lift the flap...
 and peek-a-boo... there's a little cheeky happiness found inside.  totally unpredictable I think


  1. I love the bag- and you did exceptinally well following instructions until 1.30 am! Usually I know it's time to go to bed when too many mistakes start happening.

  2. Thanks ladies. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the stuff I manage to pull out when I'm deliriously tired. It's the anticipation of seeing the final outcome that drives me I think.


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