Tuesday, 8 June 2010

trash & treasure: flea market finds

So I know it's Tuesday and I should have posted this on Sunday, but I've been  attending to other matters.  Such as looking after ten little ones and getting ready for the next round of markets - look in the right hand pane under the title "come say hi" to see where I'm going to be selling my wares.

I wanted to share what I purchased at Camberwell Markets on the weekend.

How cute is this working sink in a cupboard?  And only $10.  What a bargain.  I'm going to use it at the markets to display stock.

I couldn't believe when I picked up this 'Goldy' book for $2.  It was published in Melbourne and has the most darling illustrations.  The butterick pattern from the 60's was well spotted by my beloved.  I'm going to attempt to make the dress.  See how I go with that one.

The book was probably inspired by the brood of baby chicks we babysat over the weekend.  My son's childcare has been doing the egg-to-chick thing over the last week.  He was lucky enough to get to take them all home for the weekend.  And me?  Well, I was lucky enough to clean their poop, change their water 3 times a day, handle them and feed them.  Nothing like having an extra 10 kidlets around for the weekend!

Cheep cheep.

For more Flea Market finds go on over to Sophie's


  1. I love your finds, those little chick photos are very sweet!

  2. Hiya, glad to see you are up and at 'em again! What a bargain 10 dollars for the cupboard; I'll give you 15 haha! Take care Linda x


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