Wednesday, 30 June 2010

getting prepared for a big market day

I had my first market stall at North Melbourne Markets on Sunday and it went really well.  And instead of recovering this week, I'm straight into producing more stock for Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday. 

If you're going to be in Daylesford for the Daylesford Craft Experience, Lark's garage sale or just relaxing around town, pop on by and say hi! The market will be open from 10am to the extended time of 5pm this Saturday only because of all the crafty happenings!

So there's been a bit of this happening lately in my craft room...

But I'll be back in the land of the blogging next week - I miss talking to (and sometimes with) you guys.  I'll be sharing some pics of my creative workspace... I've been working on it lately, so while it's clean I'll take some photos 'cause you know it won't stay pretty for too long!  I tend to make LOTS of mess when I'm creating.

What have you all been up to lately?  Especially those over the other side of the world where the season is toasty and warm.


  1. I'll be visiting Daylesford, look forward to meeting you!

  2. yay Jennie! I look forward to meeting you too :)

  3. Your dolls are really lovely! Love the eared ones:)


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