Friday, 4 June 2010

etsy craft party: melbourne location confirmed

I am SUPER excited to announce that the 'etsy craft party' which is being held on the night of Friday June 18 officially has a venue.  The wonderfully kind ladies of Thread Den have graciously agreed to host us for the night.  And they've even asked if they can join in!  Um, yes please!!

So we're now in the process of working through the finer details of the evening.  Things such as: what will we eat?  what will we craft?  where will supplies come from?  name badges? etc.  Fun!  Lucky I'm in between paid jobs at the moment.

So, are you interested in joining us for this one night of craft madness in honour of Etsy's birthday?  Don't be shy!  We don't bite.  Well, not hard, anyway.  No really.  We craft folk are a damn fine bunch of peeps.  And we love sharing, learning, meeting and helping.  So no experience required.  We'll show you how.  And there is one particular lady who's coming who can do just that.  She's a craft whiz to say the least.  But there'll be other crafters too.

If you live in Melbourne and can get yourself to Fitzroy on the night of Friday June 18, then rush yourself off to here and register your name.

You won't be disappointed.  And at the very least you can say you had a good night, met some great people and learned how to craft something.

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