Saturday, 30 January 2010

a little post love

Thanks to postcrossing, while my laptop was being fixed I managed to keep myself busy (and a little creative) making some postcards to send to people.

I really think that I put a bit of effort into it because I don't just make a bank of postcards to send out; I wait to receive each persons address and read their profile to see what they like.  Then I custom make a postcard trying to use pictures of their favourite things.  Geez, committed or what?

But I do it in the hope that people who are sending me postcards will read my profile and follow my request of hand making a postcard for me (instead of sending me a store-bought one).  I don't expect everyone to be an artist r a master crafter, all I am asking for is that the person hand-make the card.  That's not too much to ask for is it?

Here are the latest postcards I made and sent out...
the receiver of this postcard likes maps, so I shared a little piece of Melbourne with her!

the lady who will receive this card lives in the Netherlands and likes craft, collecting magazines and dolls

and lastly the lady who will receive this card is a 29 year old costume designer who lives in the US and loves crafting everything!  So I combined a sketch with fabric to make this one for her.

If you haven't already signed yourself up for postcrossing, I urge you to do it.  It gives you an excuse to do something creative every few days and receive good old fashioned mail by way of postcards from around the world!

Win-win I say!

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