Friday, 28 October 2011

Make Hey!

Last night I went along to Pip’s book launch at Readings in St Kilda with my dear pal Katie. That’s her down there. Katie. Not Pip.  There were lamingtons, melting moments and ginger beer, lots of crafty folks and of course it was all centred around Pip’s new book Make Hey!
Katie = cute-face
the lovely spread of sweet treats
Pip welcomed us all and during her Q&A I asked her how she comes up with the ideas in her books.  Pip said that she thinks about things that she’d like to give to friends and family and gifts and then she figures out how to make them. While she’s out on a walk, she might see an interesting building and will think to herself that would make a beautiful quilt pattern. And that’s it my friends. It’s that simple.
lovely folks gushing over Pip's book
If you are a crafty type like me, then I’m sure you’re already familiar with Pip’s work. She runs the Meet Me at Mikes blog, has written not 1, not 2, but 3 books AND a crafty journal, runs Softies for Mirabel (now in its 5th year), writes for Frankie magazine and is a general all-round handmade and craft advocate.  I feel really lucky to live in the same city as Pip because it means there’s an increased awareness of handmade in Melbourne.
Brianna, Pip and Ari
I can honestly say that I have never before met someone as inspirational as Pip.  She has so much enthusiasm and positivity to share with anyone willing to listen it’s truly a breath of inspiration listening to her speak.
lovely photography and styling inside
Pip's books are easy to follow and made for practically a beginner right through to more experienced crafters. Make Hey! is shot and styled beautifully and the projects within it are things you could easily make for yourself or to give as gifts.  Such as the first project I'm tackling out of Pip's book: I heart you necklace.
the first project I'll be attempting out of Make Hey!
I am also very lucky to have such a lovely friend. Because my dear friend surprised me and bought me Make Hey! last night AND got Pip to sign it for me. We all need friends like that. We do.
Katie getting Pip to sign my surprise!
Following the book launch a bunch of us went and had a picnic in a nearby park right next to St Kilda’s Luna Park. And what a perfect evening for a picnic in the park. It was balmy and full of good food. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any photos of the picnic because it was already getting dark.

Thanks again to my lovely pal Katie, but this time for allowing me to use some of her photos from last night.  You’re a true pal xx
evidence that Pip is truly ace
P.S. if you head over to Katie’s blog she has a wrap up of last night’s event along with more pics. I believe she is sharing a photo of me from last night too. Oh dear.

P.P.S. if you haven't had the pleasure of owning one of Pip's books, I highly recommend you go and get yourself at least one of them. It's the perfect time with Christmas just around the corner. You could be making all your gifts instead of spending oodles of cash on mass-produced ones! It's so much more personal and meaningful.

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