Thursday, 13 October 2011

betty needs you

It's true.  Betty needs you.  Betty's Place is the name of my shop which is opening in November.  I say November because that feels comfortingly a long time away. I'm definitely not going to say next month. No, I'm not.  That would just freak me out.

So back to Betty.  She needs your help.  She's filled her place with lots of lovely wares which she's been accumulating, but she's in the mood for more unique, quirky, upcycled and handmade wares to fill her space.  

So this is where you come in.  Do you make lovely wares that would fit in a studio apartment themed shop?  Think quilts, clothing, illustrations, prints, jewellery and general gifts... basically anything that you'd expect to find if you walked into a stylish, environmentally conscientious, 30-something gals place. Betty is looking for consignment rather than wholesale.

Betty would prefer to support Australian designers (due to carbon footprint incurred with posting things around the world), but will consider items made or sourced in other countries, as long as they are truly unique and super special.

So if you're interested in submitting your treasures for consideration, you can drop Betty an email at betty [at] thecraftrevival [dot] com [dot] au.  Oh, and if you want to follow the progress of Betty's Place, you can jump over here and sign up to receive news and updates via email.

So go on, spread the word. Betty needs you!

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