Wednesday, 16 February 2011

what's in your: collection

1. The act or process of collecting.
2. A group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together.

On Sunday I wrote about collecting things and how much I love to see what other people collect.  Maybe watching 'Hoarders' has brought this to light for me in a bid to keep my collection very much to a minimum in case I end up like one of "those" people.  So rather than indulging in more purse-emptying-antics, I thought I'd delight in your collections instead, so please do share!  Photos are such a feast for the eye after all.

To start us off, I'm sharing one of my collections with you.  I don't necessarily keep all of these things together as such, but they all have a common theme. Owls.  And I know I'm not the only one who likes owls... there are many owlets out there, so I hope you enjoy a glimpse into one of my most treasures collections.

last year I partook in an awesome owl swap and this
 stunning owl bunting was just one of the many things 
inside the parcel I received

a little collection in our bedroom. the large owl I found 
in Spotlight. the medium owl I found in a shop in Daylesford. 
the small owl I got for my birthday from this lovely lady

one of my many finds while fossicking for treasures at 
Camberwell Market one fine Sunday morning.
 Along with a copy of "Scuffy the Tugboat"

this cute little fella made my day when I found him
 at Melbourne's first Finders Keepers market. Made590 had 
a stall there and when I saw him I fell in love. 
They have some in white also.

brooches are another collection I could share with 
you sometime. these are just a few I own. the yellow 
one is from here. and those little ones are earrings 
which I purchased from Finders Keepers

this little guy is actually a glowing light which I 
purchased in Amsterdam. except I've taken him off
 his light bulb perch 

a beautiful one of a kind silver ring which I received for 
my birthday from my beautiful cousin in Krakow, Poland. 
yes, I said "one of a kind"

this stained glass owl hanging also came from Krakow 
and also was a gift from my family. I am so lucky.

it might not look like it, but this is a picture which my
doll of a friend sketched and framed for me for my 

birthday. those leaves are actually fabric shapes stitched 
onto the paper.

purse from Mombasa and keyring from Fossil. also 
both received as gifts.
I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse of my lovely little owl collection. I don't have a problem. I promise. I just like owls. A little.  OK.  A lot.

Now it's your turn.  Show us what's in your collection.  It might be stamps, vintage children's story books, china, figurines, fabric (yes many of us have a large collection of this), Blythe dolls, bugs, tea pots or anything really.

Add your link below making sure that it links directly to your post and not just your blog.  I will be eagerly visiting each link as I'm sure others will be too, so go on... show us what tickles your fancy.

Thanks for playing along.

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