Thursday, 17 February 2011

my creative space: tea towel cushion

You might remember seeing this tea towel (in last weeks creative space) which I picked up on my recent holiday to Brisbane.  I sat down on the weekend and turned it into a cushion.  Yes.  Another cushion.  I really like how it's turned out. It's quirky and kitsch and even a little bit nanna-ish.

And I took photos while I was making it.  So you know what that means?  Tutorial!  Yup.  I'll be posting a tutorial on how to turn a vintage linen tea towel into a great cushion.  Soon.  Within the next week maybe.

For many more creative spaces, jump on over to Kootoyoo, but before you do, make yourself a nice cup of tea and grab some biccies.  There are many talented people sharing their creative spaces.  192 played along last week!

P.S. do you have a collection which you would like to share with us?  You can check out my owl collection and add a link to your own collection (of absolutely anything you like) while you're there!

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