Sunday, 13 February 2011

what's in your collection?

orange collection via Flickr
I love seeing what's in people's collections.  They might collect stamps, tea pots, vintage magazines, or things all in a certain colour, style or from a certain era.  In my case, it's mainly owls amongst other things!

Do you collect anything?  Maybe you didn't realise that you have a collection of items within your own home.  I do that sometimes.  I'll be drawn to things when I'm out shopping and not realise that I have a few similar things at home already.  Then all of a sudden I have a collection.  How does that happen?

On Wednesday, I'll be sharing my growing owl collection.  

I'd love it if you played along too.  So if you have a collection, get your photos ready (or maybe you can take some photos over the next few days) so you can share your link too.  I can't wait to see what you've collected!  

Stay tuned on Wednesday when you can share your links and see my owl collection!

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