Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tuesday's Temptations: Little Shop of Handmade

Who can resist shopping locally.  It's the environmentally friendlier shopping option, it means you're supporting local trade and it's ace to have somewhere nice to shop for pressies without travelling over the other side of town.  Of course, for some that's not always possible.  But with Little Shop Of Handmade, which is local for me, you have the option to buy online if you're not a local. And with categories such as "dude stuff" and "for the little people" how could you resist!?

Bec is the owner of Little Shop of Handmade and she is a tops lady, I have to say.  Her shops' mantra is that it has to be handmade, it has to be made locally (Melb designers only) and everything in the store is under $50.  Yep, that's right. EVERYTHING is under $50.  Bargains galore indeed.

Here's a little sample of some of my fave things from some of the bestest Melbourne peeps around.  Maybe you might find something you'd like to give to someone for Christmas or maybe you'd like to add something to your own wishlist.
Toadstool phone pouch by Rabbit and the Duck
ABC Craft Panel by Auntie Cookie

Birdy Duo Brooch Set by LSO

Tea Sipping Bunny Brooch by Bramble and Bear

Doily Pendant by LSO
Baby Bird Ornament by Pirdy

Owl Softie Kit by Harvest Textiles
And remember... everything you've seen on Tuesday's Temptations today is under $50.  Plus there's so much more. So head on over to Little Shop of Handmade's online store and take a looksie around.  You can find some of our softies there too!
Until next Tuesday, that’s today’s temptations wrapped up.

Happy shopping dears.

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