Friday, 31 December 2010

my year in craft: 2010

My Year in Craft 2010

1. In my twelve months of crafting, my crafty self made all these...
* my first quilt (proudly sitting on our lounge since)
* 12 cushions (personal and for sale)
* 25 owls
* 50-odd softies (including 3 custom orders. lots of monsters, dollies, animals and odd characters)
* 30 cards
* 6 coin purses
* clutch purse
* 7 baby rattles
* make-up case
* car DVD player cover
* bunting
* loot bag (for my son)
* 30 embroidery kits
* money pouch for markets (crafters bum-bag?)
* courier-style bag
* 2 skirts (both for me)
* bangle (for secret santa)
* oven mitt (for me)
* hot water bottle cover
* 5 hand-stamped tea-towels (for a swap)
* 11 postcards
* travel organiser
* light box

2. If my year was a colour it would be...
* red, red and hmmm... red

3. This year I spent way too many craft hours...
* procrastinating... without a doubt.  I have to learn to just trust my gut and jump in.

4. This year I wish I'd had more craft hours for...
* more crafting. I really don't like working for other people. I'd rather be making money for myself and growing my little hobby into a full-time business.

5. My proudest craft moment of the year was...
* teaching myself how to sew and jumping into the world of craft and design markets

6. My biggest craft disaster was...
* not sure that I've had too many major blunders.  The standard case of unpicking wonky or incorrect stitching, but that's about it.

7. This year I had stalls at/visited this many markets...
* Daylesford Makers Market
* Mathilda's Market
* Craft Hatch @ Fed Square
* North Melbourne Market
* Sister's Market

8. My most enjoyable market was...
* Daylesford Makers Market is a hands-down winner in my opinion. The stallholders are lovely, the market organisers are fabulous and awesome to deal with and the customers are generally nice (who wouldn't be when you're in spa-country).  I've done that market about 4 times this year and it is definitely one I'll be doing again next year.

9. My best handmade purchase/present/swap/acquisition was...
* My owl bunting which I received in an owl swap earlier in the year. It is strung up in our bedroom beside my side of the bed, so I get to see the owls every morning when I wake up.

10. After this year I swear I'll never again...
* Do as many markets in one year or back-to-back markets for that matter.  Especially while working full time.  It's not pleasant for anyone including my patient and loving husband and son.

11. Next year I'm determined to...
* Work on my business strategy and focus my attention on actually making some money (not just covering cost of materials).

12. But I'll probably do this instead...
* Procrastinate a little more ;)

Check out Mrs Beckinsale's answers to these same questions. That's actually where I borrowed this post idea from...

Here's to a fabulous 2011. Thanks for coming along for the ride my lovelies.

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