Tuesday, 6 July 2010

lovely daylesford weekend & flea market finds

A little belated with this post, but I wanted to share the delights of my weekend.   I had the Daylesford Makers Market on Saturday so I set off from my home at 7:15am with stock packed to the brim of my car - affectionately known as 'Betsie'.

I got to the market, set up my stall and was really happy with how it looked.  I've been slowly adding some various props and decorations over the last few markets.  I think it looked the best it's ever looked.  The 10am opening rolled around quickly and despite being a really slow start with the sales, the day finished up fantastically.  I think the alterations I've been making to the stall and the refined product range have finally made a difference. I couldn't have been happier.

Before the market ended I received a call from my beloved telling me that he and my son were surprising me by driving out to Daylesford and we were all going to stay the night in a quaint little cottage.  Yay.  That meant I didn't have to drive an hour and a half home after packing up my stall following the 5pm market wrap up.  Super excited!

The weekend was freezing, but it was all overshadowed by the enjoyment of Daylesford town and delightful surrounds.  I took photos.  How could I not.  I wanted you to share in my delights of course. 

Here's where we stayed.  Well, it's not actually where we "stayed", but it is a pic of the sign out the front of the property.

Complete with a lake and row boat.  I would rather like to return in the summer when this lake, gardens and picnic area would be best put to use.

We visited the Daylesford (flea) market.  Lots of stuff there.  And by stuff, I mean the bric a brac variety.

The market was followed by lunch at Gourmet Larder. I had the pot pie. Yum!

And this unfortunately was the view from our table.  It's the cabinet containing local and imported cheeses.  And lots of them.  More yum.

Obviously I had to visit one of my fave shops in Daylesford.  The Wombat Hill Antiques store (or "Curios Antiques - it has two signs and they're both different names!) is such a treasure trove of items dying to be discovered.

Here are some of the goodies inside the many rooms that make up the second hand store.

I finally found some gorgeous tea cups and saucers that were to my liking.  Purchased from a little second hand shop of which I don't know the name of.  They had a box of "orphan china" on the floor almost hidden under other things.  I dug through the box for about 10 mins and found the perfect combination of bone china cups and saucers - all missmatched of course!

Did you do anything nice on the weekend?  Did you do any flea market or op shopping?  Do tell


  1. Gorgeous bits of china! I love that second cup.

  2. that surprise is just the coolest- how great. Good to hear the market was kind to you

  3. What a lovely romantic partner you have! Your weekend sounded just perfect!

  4. what a fun few days you have had. I visited Daylsford a couple of months ago and LOVED that corner curios shop... how glorious was everything inside!

  5. Looking good 'm'. Glad you seemingly sold well and were treated like a princess afterwards... It's hot here in France now 35°; too hot with no pool or coastline! c'est la vie. Love your little dolls; a plus Linda x


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