Friday, 30 July 2010

dear blog-land: thanks for the inspiration

Firstly, thanks to everyone who posted lovely comments on my last post.  It's so reassuring to read the positive words of other lovely bloggers and to know that I am not the only one who has been stuck in a craft-rut.

Recently, I've been searching for inspiration all around me.  More than usual.  So I thought I would share some of the lovely blogs that provide me with lots of warm fuzzies and mountains of inspiration.  There are truly so many amazingly talented people out there.  I'm always blown away.  Here are some of my absolute fave blogs.

Cathe Holden resides in California and is by far the most creative lady I have come across.  Martha Stewart has nothing on this talented lady!  A graphic designer by trade, she not only has a passion for typography and vintage monograms which she creates, but she also makes the most amazing things and provides free downloadable artwork so you can make your own.  Truly, if you're ever in need of inspiration or a stunning project, head on over to Cathe's place.

Sweet, romantic, comforting, inspirational, chic, creative.  This is what you'll get from this beautiful interior design blog written by Holly Becker.  I adore reading and looking at her posts.  They are always full of beautiful photos curated in such a delightful and heart-warming manner.  If you haven't already subscribed, you simply must.  It's love for your eyeballs.

Danielle has the yummiest photos around.  Looking at her blog is like looking into someones photo album from another era (she adds that great 70's effect to her photos).  She designs the most delectable digital kits with a hint of kitsch and nostalgia, makes embroidery patterns and has a passion for Blythe dolls... don't we all!  Make sure you give her blog a visit.  You'll be sure to "ooh" and "aah" over the visual feast she has concocted with a great balance between her personal (family) and professional (crafty) life.

I am pretty sure she is living my life.  Oh Pia... how I want to be you. Pia is creative.  A great photographer.  Young.  Talented. Lives in Amsterdam.  Regularly travels to Paris.  A stylist for Vogue Entertaining + Travel and Gourmet Traveller magazines (plus other). Has published books stunning books.  And is just in general inspirational. She has this sophisticated yet carefree style that amplifies in all her work.  Make yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down to get inspired through Pia's wonderful blog.

What's your most inspirational blog?

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  1. Thanks for posting about these blogs - so nice to find great ones :-) Just joined yours too :-)


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