Tuesday, 18 May 2010

trash & treasure: op shopping spree

So with my "giveaway day" in full swing (my goodness I'm overwhelmed by all the lovely comments which have been coming in thick and fast - thank you all so much), I thought it was about time to go on a mission to find some delightful yet inexpensive things to upcycle.  So off I went merrily to two nearby op shops and here are the things I found (plus how I plan on using them).

First stop: Salvos, Carlisle Street, St Kilda East
Total spent: $8.95

Well, everybody needs a wooden ampersand, right?  Come one.  She's happily perched on my book shelf, watching over my craft room when I'm not there.

A square of delicious Japanese linen in a navy colour with white patterned symbols.  I think that maybe this was a napkin (due to the size) in its previous life.  I will be turning it into a funky Japanese-themed softie (although I really can't bear to think about cutting into it).

A complete roll of Admit One tickets.  Being an admirer of all types of paper projects, I can't wait to come up with something fun to use these on.  I'm thinking of cover a cigar box in them.  And also using them as stickers to seal packaging for different handmade goodies I sell at markets. 

I could not get a photo that does this little beauty justice.  It's a square embroidered linen tablecloth.  It has a very quaint square embroidery design smack bang in the middle, which will form the front of the cushion I will be fashioning this into.  Complete with matching white lace trim which I picked up today from Darn Cheap Fabrics on Glenhuntly Road and will be sewing around the edges of the pillow.

I also picked up a brand new, in the pack, Birch plastic white buckle - the adjustable kind that you see on straps of fanny packs or coin belts.  He he.  I said fanny.  I love throwing in an American word when it means something completely different in Australian English!

Second Stop: Posh Oppe Shoppe, Cnr Glenhuntly and Grange Roads, Caulfield South
Total spent: $17
It might not look like it here, but this is actually a pleated placemat.  It is so sweet and vintage looking.  This one is destined to become the blouse of an upcoming softie.

 This gorgeous vintage linen napkin has THE sweetest faded flower print across it.  I cannot wait to turn it into a coin purse with a clasp.  The remainder will go into a softie of course!
Ok, so I've been wanting to work with doilies for some time now.  And the Posh Oppe Shoppe is definitely the place to go if you want to stack up on doilies for craft projects (ssh, keep it quiet - I don't want people flocking there and buying the entire supply).  I found a 15 litre tub FULL of assorted doilies.  Like this one.  It is square.  It is cute.  It will get a new life as the face of a cushion.

 And of course I couldn't leave without purchasing a traditional round doily. This one was my most fave because it has a fabric centre - prefect for embroidering on.  If you want. This beauty will also be turned into a cushion, however it will be a round cushion.  And I might even pull the centre in with a cute lace-covered button.  Maybe, just maybe.

At the risk of killing you with "death by doilies" I'm just going to show you just this last one.  It is a rectangular doily, so sadly it didn't fit into the photo too well.  But you get the idea.  Maybe another cushion? Or maybe I'll use this one as part of my market stall display.

I also picked up a 100% wool single size blanket for my best female fury friend, Bella.  It's almost winter and she has destroyed every other blanket and towel we've ever given her.  I didn't take a photo of the blanket because it's not worth the effort.  It's ugly.  And pink.  And really, it's for the dog, so who cares, right?

Hope you have delighted in me sharing my finds.  Maybe, just maybe I'll be posting some tutorials on upcycling some of these materials in the very near future. Stay tuned.


  1. I stopped past to have a look at your giveaway but this is way better!! You must have some awesome op shops near by!! We call ours treasure shop and my kids never pass up a treasure hunt!!

    xo Steph

  2. Ha, you told me where to find doilies while I'm in the middle of a big doily project. Big mistake! The only thing that could save you is that Caulfield is a hell of a trek from Oop Norf.

  3. Of course you need an ampersand to watch over your craft room! Ampersands are the best possible punctuation for this purpose. Exclamation points are far too flighty and question marks are too anti-authoritarian (they're always questioning everything).

  4. Some great op-shop finds there.

  5. Interesting to see the different sorts of things you find over there to over here in France, your finds are more English in style. In the Uk you can find this sort of stuff in highstreet 'charity shops' but these shops do not exist here in baguette land! Street brocantes and huge organised charity warehouses are the way to go over here. Happy snagging a bargain Linda
    ps good idea not too eat the over fertilised champignons me thinks! x

  6. that ampersand is fantastic! what a steal! I wish we had good flea markets out on the west coast!


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