Saturday, 1 May 2010

the crafty things I've been up to

I finished making my first quilt.  Here she is folded on my bed.
And here she is with a peek of the underside - luscious red linen!

I made a portable DVD player case for my son's new DVD player.  He's only been using it in his room, but now he can take it in the car too!

A purse I made using Little Red Riding Hood printed linen.  This was my first go at making a purse with a clasp or a kiss closure.  Not too bad I think!
I've been using a pencil case for my till at the markets.  So I decided to make myself a money belt for the next market.  I love this fabric.  Very retro.

And here's a peek at the lining.   I had this sitting in my stash from about 10 years ago!  Oh, and I made it from my own design.  It actually was quite simple.
And lastly... I can't remember the last time we owned one of these.  When I found a really simple tutorial for an oven mitt, I decided it was time to stop using folded tea-towels to get hot things out of the oven.


  1. loving your quilt Magdalena, absolutely brilliant 1st effort. I got a red linen table cloth from the op shop awhile ago and it is destined to a fate such as this! I am also about to embark on my first purse frame first.

  2. Wow, you've been a busy bee! I love that DVD player case. You've got some really cute fabric. Do I see some Japanese fabric in there? My favourite!
    The quilt is gorgeous. I should get motivated and make one for my bed too. Seeing yours has inspired me!

  3. hooray for pretty things!
    i rather enjoy all the delightful pictures splish splashed through your posts.
    your blog oozes loveliness, and i thank-you for sharing! x

  4. I have yet to quilt my 1st quilt, and I'm kind of procrastinating, but yours looks lovely! Your creations are very inspiring!

  5. Love the Ted quilt! You've been sewing up a storm... How wonderful. Slightly envious of your productivity...


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