Thursday, 27 May 2010

my creative space: warm goodness

As I sniff, sniff and cough, cough through this post, I take comfort in the fact that just before I came down with this dreaded Melbourne flu, I turned an old strapless knitted top into a hot water bottle cover. Is that destiny or what?

You see, I bought this knitted top in Singapore some 10 years ago.  I used to love wearing it, but over time it's gotten a little loose and just a little shorter than I would like it to be.  Belly exposure use to be cool in the 90's, but fortunately that fashion trend is long over.

Being the hoarder that I am, I've had this top sitting in my wardrobe and every clean-out and donation round, I've promised that I would wear and it, but never do.  So I was ruthless this time around and created a 'donation' pile and a 'keep for fabric' pile.  I just couldn't give this top away.

I had a nude hot water bottle sitting on my dresser staring at me and I thought to myself immediately... "brilliant".

And 15 minutes later my top had been given a second life as a cozy and adorable hot water bottle cover.  Just in time for the flu that followed a day later.  I must be psychic.  Or something.

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  1. I hope you're feeling much better soon


  2. Awesome. Because we can't have a little hot water bottle lying around in the nuddy. You did the decent thing. Hope it gets you well sonner!

  3. Sorry to hear you are a poorly person.

    the flu
    than the

    (hahah; sorry couldn't resist that).

    Feel better soon Mrs thrifty jumper converter,
    bravo you; Linda x

  4. Your Hot water bottle cover is so nice, what a nice way to continue wearing one of your favorite jumpers!!

  5. Well done, you knew you kept the top for a reason even if it took 10 years to discover what the reason was!!
    No doubt it will be doing duty as a hottie cover for many years to come and just in time by the sound of it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Great re-purpose. Hope you're feeling better.


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