Monday, 23 April 2012

Nuffnang Yoplait Family Picnic Day

For our little family there’s no greater pleasure than spending time together in the surrounds of nature.  So it was with excitement that my 6 year old and I were looking forward to the Nuffnang Yoplait Family Picnic which took place on Saturday.  Unfortunately my husband work’s Saturdays so he couldn’t join us, but the 2.5 of us had a ball nonetheless.

My son and I are already fans of Yoplait yoghurt and it’s not often you open the fridge and don’t see a great big tub of Yoplait in there.  I like to eat it for breakfast with some Vanilla and Almond cereal instead of milk.  We love it as a snack or a less-naughty instead of a sweet treat. It’s good for any time of the day really.  And with the tiny human growing inside me god knows I need a lot of nutritious snacks.
I ran into Renee from About a Bugg and her family, which was a nice surprise as neither of us knew that the other was planning on going.  And as the day was warm and sunny we got to relax on our red and black tartan picnic blankets (part of the lovely picnic packs we received from Yoplait) while the kids ran around from magician to jumping castle to petting zoo to mobile arcade games with a spot of Frisbee-throwing in there for good measure.
It was the first time our kids had met, but Poss and my kiddo hit it off immediately and spent the whole time running around together from activity to activity.  It was really nice to see them take a liking to each other and of course the possibilities of play dates were raised by them.
We ate lots of yummy yoghurt, crepes, baguettes and chocolate croissants.  I also ate my son’s croissant while he was off playing (but don’t tell him that).  And when we got home, the kiddo asked if he could have some more yoghurt.  The citrus one is his new favourite flavour.

I also got the chance to catch up with Cinti from My Poppet who was there with her colourful and independent almost-three-year-old. It’s nice to see the kiddo interacting with kids much younger than him and he was certainly attentive to Emma. Just a preview of what he’ll be like with our new baby.

A really big thanks to Nuffnang and Yoplait for bringing so many wonderful families together in the lovely surrounds of Windsor’s Chris Gahan Reserve for the day and for supplying us with so many lovely treats and activities to wear the kids out.

P.S. thanks to the petting zoo, the kiddo now wants a pet bunny rabbit.  It was all I heard about for the rest of the afternoon and all my husband heard about when he got home from work.  Renee’s Poss has a pet bunny so we’re going to visit for a play date.  But with baby’s arrival less than 3 months away, I’m reluctant to add another pet to our family as I know I’ll get stuck with the clean-up despite the promises of it being otherwise.

Have you got a pet bunny? If yes, how do you find it as a pet?


  1. Sounds like you've had a ball at the event and wish I could have made it!


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