Thursday, 22 April 2010

upcycled, recycled, salvaged + giveaway

I love all of these words, don't you. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part for the environment - even if only in a minuscule way. But it all helps and don't they say that one person CAN make a difference?

I've been collecting so many household items that would normally end up in the bin as I'm sure some of you do too. Items such as security envelopes, hubby's Heineken beer bottle caps, bread bag expiry tags, mesh fruit bags, jars you name it.

I keep hording, I mean collecting, these items because I know that one day I will wake up with a brilliant idea of how to use them. Yes, I'm still waiting for that day to happen.

But in the meantime I've been troweling blogs and crafty sites for inspiration and ideas on how I can utilize all of these priceless collections.

I made a small notebook the other day using standard A4 copy paper, recycled security envelopes and a used postage stamp. Came out really cute actually. And it's a handy bag size. Now to make more. And then to find a use for them so that I don't start collecting small handmade notebooks.

I've been trying to avoid that obsession for a good 10 years now. Notebooks I mean. They're really obsessive. Or maybe I'm really obsessive. Whatever.

Leave a comment if you have any great ideas to use up the things I've been collecting or if you have any great links. I will be supplying some handmade upcycled goodness to one random comment-leaver.

Get your shoes on. You have until Saturday May 1st to leave a comment on this post. Make sure you leave details of how I can get in contact with you i.e. your blog or email address.

P.S. I'm off to Europe in September and Paris is on our list of places to visit, so you'll possibly be seeing a bit of French from me over the coming months.


  1. very jealous about Europe.
    Heiniken beeer caps? Why one of these, of course! I thought they were used in bush dancing bands and it is doing my head in trying to remember the name I thought they had-
    Mesh bags- apparently good for storing wool in whilst knitting and scouring dishes (neither from personal exprience!) and jars? Make some jam and fill them up!

  2. we must be kindred spirits! I'm always looking for new ideas to use my closet full of 'collected' items. ;-)
    ...check out Vickie Howell's blog for a great book that I want to get:


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