Saturday, 17 April 2010

please mister postman...

Despite my love hate relationship with Australia Post, I love all things to do with snail mail including sending and receiving postcards, beautiful and interesting envelopes, old stamps and postmarks. 

So I thought I would do a mini tribute to the humble post man.
You can get yourself a leather envelope purse by paper plane from here!  The address cleverly reads "Save Your Pennies, 4a Rainy Day, United Kingdom.

Mapenvelope allows you to line the inside of an envelope with a google map location of your choice.  The cool way to send mail!

Recycled library card envelopes by DearOhDeer

emmieloustudio's take on mail is this gorgeous set of postage stamp coasters

wearable post in the form of vintage postmark and postage stamp buttons from donovanbeeson

 And if you love mail-related paraphernalia just as much as me then you can make yourself one of these super cute little needle envelopes thanks to em ay kay ee's tutorial.

We should all love and respect our postmen (despite them regularly delivering our mail to other people's houses, delivering mail unacceptably late and sometimes even losing our mail) because they are responsible for looking after delivery of care packages from loved ones and those special goodie swap parcels from randoms and cyber acquaintances.  Gotta love those parcels.


  1. If only there was more snail mail. Most communication now is phone or internet based. Yes, it is way more convenient, faster and cheaper, but nothing beats a good old fashioned parcel or letter. (Excluding bills of course!)

    Thank you so much for including my tutorial in your round up also. *Blushing*

  2. I completely agree with you Kelly. I adore parcels and letters. And maybe I have a slight addiction to all things post-related.

    I made a little letter needlebook from your tute a while ago and since then it has been accompanying me to markets which I've been selling my softies at. So handy to have as part of a market kit for any quick fix-it jobs!

  3. Really? That is too cool...


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