Wednesday, 24 March 2010

who me? really? awh shucks!

The lovely Sara of In the Light of the Sun has passed on the Kreativ Blogger award baton to me.  Really?  Me?  Ok then!

If you're not familiar with this award, it entitles the receiving blogger to share 7 things about themselves that others might not know, nominate other bloggers and thank the person who nominated you.  So here goes...

#1 - I lived in Greece with my mum for 8 months when I was 4 years old.  

#2 - My brother was born one week after we arrived in Australia... to no family other than my mum's cousin... without being able to speak a word of English.  My poor but very brave mum!

#3 - I hate confrontation.  It makes me sick to my tummy.

#4 - Sometimes I convince myself that I would do great as a TV presenter.    Then I remind myself that I have a fear or public speaking.

#5 - I have to force myself to part with many of the things I make/sew.  Otherwise I would just be adding to my great passion for hording the "things I like".  I'd be like the crazy cat lady off The Simpsons, only without the cats.

#6 - I haven't been to Uni... I didn't even finish high school.  My career hasn't suffered because of it (I'm a marketing manager).

#7 - I love watching horror, thriller and suspense movies, but I'm scared of spiders.

And now I'd like to pass the Kreative Blogger Award baton onto... drum roll please... 
Craft Schmaft, Ann Wood, Just Something I Made, mmmcrafts and Dana Made It... let's hear what you have to say then.

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  1. Awww.. thanks so much Magdalena! I always find it fascinating reading more about clever crafters - your poor mum, I can't imagine how brave she must have been.


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