Thursday, 25 March 2010

tea towel extravaganza

I'm fairly confident that all of my swap partners have by now received their tea towels (even Miss America), so as promised, here's a little tea towel extravaganza to show you the 5 tea towels which I made - each one lovingly made for each of my 5 swap partners... no two alike.

I will also share pics of the tea towels I received from my lovely swap partners... when I receive them all!  I'm eagerly waiting on the last two tea towels to arrive.  When they do, I'll post pics of all 5.

P.S. tutorial to come!!


  1. I hope you made yourself one too! I love mine, thanks xx and looking forward to the tute!

  2. They are all so good! I look forward to your tutorial.

    Thank you for your lovely doll I bought from you at the Daylesford Market she's snuggling up with Manwell Aubrey the third right now as I type : )

    I've posted a blog about her over on my blog, please drop by to see her.


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