Tuesday, 14 May 2013

creative supplies offer

envelope tin $6
The past couple of weeks I've been quiet as a mouse over here because I've been working away at matching up the almost-200 creative pen pals which have signed up for the snail mail exchange.

This week I'm sending out pen pal information emails, so if you're eagerly awaiting news of who you've been matched up with, please have faith that an email is on its way.

Today I'm just popping in quickly with a lovely offer from Angie at the Shop Creative store. 
paper stickers $5.50
To help you get started (or add to) your letter writing kit, or to just simply stock up on some creative supplies, Shop Creative have offered a 10% discount on your purchase until 24 May 2013. Simply use the code CREATEPENPAL at checkout for the discount to be applied. Please note the discount does not apply to shipping charges and can't be used in conjunction with any other offer.

arimail stripe washi tape $3.50
So pop over, see if something takes your fancy and get ready for news of your pen pal(s)!

Thanks for your patience and understanding that I am a one-woman-show (with a young family) and not a machine!


  1. You are a superstar Magdalena - really appreciate all of the work you have put into the 'Creative Penpals'. It is such a great idea and so kind of you to organise it! Sarah x

    1. That's really lovely of you to say thanks Sarah :)

  2. Yes thank you for organizing this...I am very excited!!! :-)
    Sulieen Ayala

  3. thank you for organising this! matching 200 people up doesn't sound like an easy task at all, it's very appreciated though :)

  4. Yes a BIG Thank You for all the hours of work organizing it all. It must be a BIG job! R U still matching up pen pals. Cause I haven't got my email, yet. Sorry to be a pain. I don't mind waiting. But I think I've missed out! I'll sit tight! Thanks Karen Watson.

  5. Hi! I haven't received my email either, though in a comment on IG you said you had sent it...I checked spam but nothing...I have sent 3 emails to you at the right address. Technology hey? :/ Sorry for pestering, but I was really looking forward to this! Thanks :)


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