Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas craft: bottle cap tree

Let's face it, Christmas can be an expensive exercise when you take into consideration gifts, decorations, lunches, dinners, travel and any other associated costs, so it pays to think creatively and save money where you can.

One quick and easy project you can do on your own or with kids (yours or someone else's) is a bottle cap Christmas tree for your wall.  Maybe you don't have space in your home for a real Christmas tree or you're just looking for an extra bit of festive cheer - like me.

We collect all sorts of reyclable materials in our house, so we have a bag full of bottle caps from beer bottles always calling to be used in some creative way.

All that's required for this project is bottle caps and blue tack and in a few minutes you'll have yourself an instant Christmas decoration that's cost you virtually nothing!

And don't forget about the pom pom wreath I posted about the other day. Another cheap and easy Christmas project with plenty of cheer.


  1. I wouldn't have known they were bottle tops if you hadn't told me - they look more like coloured stones (which would be alternative way of doing this I guess!)

    But it looks great and I completely agree that we can cut the cost of Christmas with a bit of effort - and doing so is often fun and rewarding, too.

  2. You perfectly created the christmas tree. Another Christmas come, thanks for posting as a reminder for us.


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