Thursday, 24 May 2012

creating a maternity wardrobe on a budget

It seems that similarly to the wedding industry, if you mention the words 'maternity' or 'baby' most products and services attached to those words somehow manage to miraculously jump in price.

Why and how these service providers think that it's acceptable is very much beyond me.

So when I started to outgrow my clothes with my beach-ball-belly, I put off going maternity clothes shopping for a few reasons.

1. Maternity clothes are expensive
2. Most maternity specific clothes do not appeal to me in either cut, shape or colours/patterns available
3. Why hand over all that money for a wardrobe you'll only be able to wear for a few months? (I have some pieces in my wardrobe that I still wear which I've had for years)

So I took a different approach and without stepping foot into a single dedicated maternity store I created a stylish and budget-conscious wardrobe for my growing body using pieces I could wear post-pregnancy too.

Here are my tips for shopping for your very own maternity wardrobe without blowing the budget.
  • don't discount the shops where you normally buy your regular clothes. You just need to be open-minded and shop wisely.
  • look for stretchy waistbands in skirts and pants. Harem style pants are brilliant because the come with stretchy waistband and leg cuffs.
  • cotton-rich or 100% cotton fabrics are the best options for your chosen garments to ensure comfort and minimal itch.
  • stay away from blouses or dresses which have a seam-line across the belly area.  Instead, opt for seam-free in that region or a seam which sits directly under the bust.
  • when choosing tops or blouses look for longer cut (mini-dress) tops that will grow with your belly and cover it sufficiently. 
  • invest in some long stretchy singlets that can be worn underneath shorter tops and over tights or leggings.
  • get yourself a good supply of leggings and cute tights. They will become your best friends as you struggle and a much comfier option than pants
  • fitted short knit dresses work great over tights and show off your pregnancy curves nicely.
  • make layering work for you. As long as all your bits are covered, you're set.
  • don't be afraid to look in op shops (second hand stores) for some well-priced wearables.

Here are some outfits which don't break the budget and can continue to be worn well after the baby is born
second hand knit cardigan $6.99, Salvos
3/4 sleeve fitted cotton mini dress $9.95, Valleygirl
grey tights $6 and over-the-knee knit socks $4.20, Target
vintage brooch $8, Camberwell market
grey boots $20, flea market in Poland
3/4 sleeve fitted  knitted teal mini dress $14.95, Valleygirl
red cardigan $14.95, Valleygirl
patterned tights $4.95, Sportsgirl
teal flocked jelly shoes $35, Melissa
red necklace $40, Mumma Bubba Jewellery
3/4 sleeve fitted cotton mini dress $9.95, Valleygirl
black fleece-lined winter maternity tights $13.25, eBay
lace-up sneaker boots $30, flea market in Paris
grey knitted dress $19.95, dotti
plum patterned tights $4.95, Sportsgirl
grey boots $20, flea market in Poland
Here's my pick of shops to shop at (please note these are Australian stores):
Cotton on

And remember: just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up your own sense of style. 

Incorporate some accessories that you'd usually sport to jazz up otherwise basic or staple pieces and check your wardrobe for things that you can keep wearing throughout your pregnancy. I certainly found a few pieces in mine!

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  1. You are such a stylish mumma! Love that you still look just like you!


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