Tuesday, 21 February 2012

paper aeroplanes

Meet my weakness: paper-ANYTHING! 
I love making cards, I keep travel scrapbooks, I collect pretty pictures and cuttings from magazines, vintage books and newspapers and store them for that "perfect" project, I cut up scribbled-on Golden Books, I transform boxes into collage masterpieces, I collect security envelopes, I make art books and basically adore any type of paper project.
I love the tactility of paper and that it can be torn, cut, pasted, hole-punched, stitched, embellished and transformed into something magnificent.
So it's only natural that I have a magnetic attraction to vintage ephemera.  It is so versatile, can be used on many different paper projects and is so pretty and interesting to look at.
I found Paper Aeroplanes on etsy and could not resist their Fantastic Big Vintage Ephemera and Paper pack at a mere US$11. It's an assorted pack of 70 scrummy bits and pieces of paper ephemera varying from stamp size through to A5 size sheets. What is even better is that they are based in Australia, so no waiting for weeks for my package to arrive. It was in my letterbox within days of making my purchase.

There are postage stamps, cigar labels, vintage story book pages, tickets, board game pieces, playing cards, foreign language texts and an assortment of other various treats. And each pack is different. So you could order 2, or 3 or more!
So if you're anything like me and can't resist treasures of the paper kind, head over to Paper Aeroplanes and check out their delights.

P.S. All images used in this post are of the 'Fantastic Big Vintage Ephemera and Paper' pack which I ordered from Paper Aeroplanes.

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